Apply your personalised decal to any candle, It’ll look perfect for a personalised gift or for whatever project you’re working on. This waterslide decal paper is very high quality, produced in Stoke-on-Trent to deliver the best quality paper possible

You can hand wash the finished candle without worrying about the decal ripping or fading, This is the perfect decal paper to avoid noxious gasses when the candle is burning and also will be very rich colour on print.

Extremely easy to use and apply, just print your images or text (you can either print it yourself or send it to us & we’ll print it for you!), before submerging the paper in water for just under a minute.



  • A4 Printer
  • Available with CMYK
  • Use with red toner
  • Fully Converted
  • Technical Support


  • A3 Printer
  • Prints up to 30x60cm
  • A3 + A4 Available
  • Used canon & ricoh
  • Less expensive


FotoCeramic is a supplier of digital ceramic printers and digital ceramic systems for printing custom ceramic transfers or decals using a laser printer and special ceramic toners.

The ceramic digital printing system uses a standard colour digital printer. Printers such as the Ricoh SP C440 and the larger Ricoh SP C830 printer can be used for this purpose.

To be suitable for digital ceramic printing the laser printer must be toner based and use a two component technology.
This means that it must have a separate developer unit containing the toner and a carrier.

To convert the digital printer for printing custom ceramic transfers the colour developer units containing the carrier must be emptied of the original developer and replaced with a ceramic developer containing ceramic toner and the metal carrier. The developer units can be easily removed from the printer.
They are then taken apart to separate the photosensitive drum from the developer unit.
The developer unit is opened and the original developer is removed. Usually a toner vacuum cleaner is used here to remove the last remnants of the original developer. The new ceramic developer containing ceramic toner is then added to the unit, which is then reassembled and put back in the printer. Each developer unit should be removed in turn and the carrier replaced with a new carrier containing ceramic toner. FotoCeramic is supplier of the ceramic developers in which the carrier and ceramic toner have been mixed in the correct proportions for the digital printer.

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